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Geneva Grain is a private electronic marketplace for the exchange of grain, based in Switzerland. Geneva Grain is closely related to Geneva Trade. This is an innovative web platform where buyers and sellers of grain from all over the world come together.

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Buyers and sellers register (free of charge) their bids online and ask for offers via the Geneva Grain platform. Geneva Grain takes care of due diligence, facilitates the search for the right offer and supports the negotiations of conditions between the counterparties. After making a deal, clients may ask Geneva Grain for support in materializing the deal, i.e. settlement and transportation.

We provide direct market access to commodities sellers coming from such distant markets as Ex-USSR countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and others.

Our company is based in Geneva – one of the world’s foremost trade centres, offers the unprecedented opportunity for facilitating and optimizing of the exchange of grain.

Geneva Grain is the Swiss guarantee of quality, trust and profitable exchange.   Learn more.